3D maps/ 3D model viewer


is there a block which allows for users to view a 3D model in 3D space? i.e. Using the mouse to rotate the model around. Is there also a block for 3D maps similar to street view?

We don’t have a native dashboard block that does this, but it could be accomplished with a Custom HTML Block if you find a suitable JavaScript library.

What you are asking for has been requested before; if you can give us a more specific example of what you are trying to accomplish, we can add a +1 to the existing feature request and see if it is something we can implement natively.

Hi Dylan,

We’re wanting to upload a 3D CAD model into a block, then the user can click and drag their mouse around to rotate the model. It’ll be great if the model can be animated too (i.e. moving parts). A 3D maps block (such as street view) where the user can investigate their environment in 3D space would be great too.


Thanks for that. Are you looking to simply insert a 3D model into a dashboard block, or are you also trying to update aspects of that model (overlays, etc.) based on device data? If the latter, what sort of data would you be inserting? I’m trying to get a better sense of your use case and ensure that we it fits well into our product to see if it something we can implement for you as well as our other users.

The latter would be great. The data inserted would be on board sensor data, such as wind sensors and lidar distance measurements. We then hope to visualise where the device is in relation to its environment, i.e. a robot in a room, where the user can walk around the 3D environment (using their mouse), and distances from certain objects to the robot is displayed. Not sure if that explains the use case, let me know if you would like some more clarification?

Thanks. I’ll look into this a little more and will file a feature request. Loading a model into a block isn’t terribly difficult; the question will be if we can apply overlays to it as application data comes in without re-compiling the model.