Wind Rose (Radar / Polar Plot)


I have been wracking my brain for a while now about how to depict wind using the Losant (and Vega Lite) charting library. Even a simple directional arrow seems to be a challenge.

Has anyone come up with a creative approach?


Polar stuff seems to be a bit hard in Vega-lite a lot of discussions around it.

is a possible starting point. It uses the Arc mark.


We can probably get a direction indicator added as a block fairly quickly. How are you representing direction on your device attributes?


I am pulling data in as 0-360 compass bearing along with wind speed. In my perfect scenario I would be able to depict a proper wind rose like the one shown here. The reality is that I am also bringing in air quality (VOC, NO2, particulate count, etc.) as additional parameters at the same time I am reporting wind direction and speed. My ultimate goal is to be able to display a proper polar plot as shown here…


We’ve done a bunch of brainstorming internally about what kind of block cloud potentially solve some of your problems while still providing a general enough solution for other users. We landed on a radar chart. I think this would provide a good step in the right direction. Thoughts?


I love radar plots and I think they would be a fantastic addition. Lots of terrific applications. Please just make sure that they work with cardinal directions and north is up. I have been doing a lot of work around Rose Plots the past week. Wind Roses are the polar plot version of a histogram and have broad application and acceptance within both the meteorological and environmental communities. Just something to keep in mind.

I believe that we are in the early days of enhanced, realtime environmental monitoring leveraging IoT technologies.