Using Indicator Block to Show Device Lost Connection

Hello! I created an indicator block in my dashboard that would show the user if a device lost communication/missed a series of uplinks. While this information is also shown in a table by seeing that there is a gap in recent payloads received, I want to be able to flag this situation so that it is readily visible without having to look at a payload table for every single device.

When I disable the device I am testing with so that it will miss an uplink, the connection status in the dashboard is still “ACTIVE”. What information could I be looking for/use in order to flag devices that miss multiple consecutive uplinks?

Thank you!

One workaround I can think of …

  • Create a boolean attribute on your device: “active”.
  • In a workflow, using a Device State Trigger, report “active = true” using a Device State Node for the device every time it receives a report.
  • In a separate workflow, use a Device Inactive Trigger to report “active = false” using a Device State Node, and configure the trigger to fire if the device is inactive for (whatever period suits your use case).
  • In your dashboard, use the “active” attribute as the query powering your Indicator Block

Let me know if that approach works for you or if you have any questions.