Update attributes or tags of a device with the control panel

Each of my device has some specific attributes and tags that I would like to be able to update from the dashboard. My use case is the following:
1/ the user to select a device
2/ the values of the attributes or tags are shown
3/ the user can modify those attributes or tags
4/ the user would press a button to store those new attribute values.

I don’t know how to do 1 to 3. am I missing something in your features?

I was wondering if you had any feedback on this. IS it clear enough or you want me to explain better what I m trying to do?

Francois, a couple questions -

  • Who are the “users” in question? Are these public (unauthenticated) users? Other Losant users within an organization? Experience users?
  • Do you want a one-to-one relationship between users and devices? Meaning, should every user be able to edit the attributes of just one device assigned to them, or can any user edit any device?

The solution is somehow going to involve an Input Controls Block firing a workflow, and that workflow will use a combination of the Device Update Node and the Device State Node. What I haven’t figured out yet is how a user would specify a device. The answers to those questions may help color that in.


  • Users would be experience users
  • Any user can edit any device
    Indeed, I am not sure to understand how in the inpput controls block a user can select a specific device and have the data of it and update them.

Bump on this issue. Use case is an experience user being able to examine current device tag values and further adjust device tag values such as a low temperature setpoint for events etc.

The impression from the documentation etc. is that Losant considers device tags as a device grouping mechanism. I am using tags for both device grouping purposes and for per device “configuration” settings.