Upcoming webinar! Small, Fast, and Flexible Edge Analytics with Embiot

Embiot Deeper Dive

Embiot, from Losant partner Telchemy, is an innovative edge analytics agent designed for remote gateways and embedded applications. It is able to gather input metrics, perform a wide range of local analytics functions, such as math/stats, signal processing, neural networks, and fuzzy logic, and generate output reports to multiple destinations, including the Losant platform. Its small footprint and deployment model fills a nice gap between Losant’s EEA and GEA in terms of resource requirements and implementation complexity.

In this webinar, join Telchemy’s CEO, Alan Clark, as he takes a deep dive into installing and configuring Embiot. Alan will demonstrate how to use Embiot to read and analyze Modbus data and how to report that data to Losant’s platform for alerting, visualizing, and further application enablement.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to use Embiot to easily read and analyze Modbus data.
  • How to use Embiot to report data to Losant’s platform over MQTT or REST with TLS encryption.
  • How to use Embiot’s lightweight text configuration language to quickly develop and deploy edge applications.
  • How to implement alerting and visualization in Losant for data reported by Embiot.

Register now for the Deeper Dive Webinar on Tuesday, August 23 at 1PM ET.