Typeof handlebar helper error : Maximum call stack size exceeded


I was implementing some workflows and the nodes warned that there was a syntax error in the use of typeof. Testing via payload tester I found that the error was due to “Maximum call stack size exceeded”. I believe that in the last release, some change made caused a bug, if it is possible to investigate.


@Vander_Maziero I’m looking into this now. Are you able to tell me the value of response as it’s being referenced here, as well as your expected output for {{typeof response}}?

@Vander_Maziero I see the issue and we are working on a fix right now. The helper is actually still working correctly when executing a workflow; your issue is actually a validation issue with the “typeof” helper that’s affecting the ability to save nodes that use it, as well as what you’re seeing in the template tester.

Here’s a workaround to get you unblocked: Instead of {{typeof response}}, you can use:

{{template '{{typeof this}}' response}}

This will not work directly in expressions (i.e. Conditional Nodes), but you can get around that too by simply saving the output to a spot on your payload and then using the Conditional Node to check that value.

I’ll let you know when the proper fix is up. Sorry for the bug, and thanks for bringing this to our attention.

@Vander_Maziero we just released a fix for the issue you posted about. If you refresh your browser, the “typeof” validation issue should go away.

Thanks again for bringing this to our attention!

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