Timeseries Null-ify Value

Hi Losant Support,

Quick question: is there a simple expression which is able to nullify values from reading an attribute on a time-series?

For my example, I have an attribute represented as an integer measurement which is expected to be greater than zero. Our system currently expresses a failed measurement as 0 instead of null.

I’m hoping to filter the 0 measurements from the time-series for this attribute, as it provides a clearer picture of the actual physical measurement to our end user. I’m hoping to do this within the time-series itself, as most of the processing is done external to any Losant workflows and is effectively fixed for now.

Below is an example of the data in question - with frequent ‘0’ measurements indicating failure.

Is the following possible with a simple expression in the time-series block?

2020-07-30 09_16_36-Edit Time Series Graph - Losant

Thank you for any insights you may be able to provide!



Hey @Ben_Sinclair!

It’s not possible to completely remove data points from the graph, but your use case does make sense. I’ll create a feature request.

In the meantime, an option may be to switch to Area or Bar view modes. Those, combined with using 0 to represent null, may help communicate the gap a little better.