SQL Where Statement

OK, I hope this is an obvious one. Can I use a WHERE statement in the SQL node? ALL of your examples are of the format “select * from table” without an example of some like “select * from table where UserID = ‘smith’”. I have tried multiple variations of syntax. What am I missing here? I am scheduled to visit your office on Tuesday, so you can hit me with the “stupid stick” if you like…

Hey @David_MacKenzie,

Are you getting an error when you attempt the where statement? If so, could you send me a screenshot of that error?

Would you also be able to share a screenshot of your SQL Node configuration?


My query is SELECT * FROM RanpakValidationSN where SerialNumber = “R50”

· “errors”:

“SELECT * FROM RanpakValidationSN where SerialNumber = “R50” - ER_BAD_FIELD_ERROR: Unknown column ‘SerialNumber’ in ‘where clause’”

The thing is, there is a column called SerialNumber.

Nevermind close it out. My table only has one column. I had a hunch to try adding another column. Now it works. Nothing else changes.

The query is: SELECT * FROM RanpakValidationSN where SerialNumber = “R05”

I have no clue why this fixed it.

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Glad you were able to get things figured out!

Thank you,