SQL Node - SQLite3


I was reading the docs about the SQL Node, and I have a doubt when using SQLite:

It is possible to open a “.db” file? Or just “.sqlite”?


The SQL Node does accept files with the .db extension as well. It works with any file path as long as the underlying file represents a SQLite 3 database. We’ll update the documentation to make that more clear.

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And what about the syntax? Do I have to define my file path using quotation marks?
In all of my tries, I’m getting the error:
SQLITE_CANTOPEN: unable to open database file


Is your DB mounted into the container? Since the Edge Agent runs with Docker, you have to give access to the host filesystem explicitly.

docker run -d --restart always --name docs-agent \
  -v /var/lib/losant-edge-agent/data:/data \
  -v /var/lib/losant-edge-agent/config.toml:/etc/losant/losant-edge-agent-config.toml \
  -v /path/to/db/outside/the/container:/path/to/inside/db \

If not, the one other thing you should double-check is its file permissions.

Hopefully, it’s one of the two. If not, let me know and we can figure out what’s going on

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Hello @anaptfox!

Thanks for your help, it worked!

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