[Solved] Input control button trigger always sending default context variable

I have an input control with a button that triggers a workflow. The payload sent to the workflow is specified as

  "deviceIdConfig": "{{ctx.currentDevice}}",
  "reportRate": "{{reportRate}}"

reportRate is a slider input, and ctx.currentDevice is a Device ID context variable. When I look at the debug message of the incoming request in the workflow after the button is pressed, “deviceIdConfig” is always the default value specified for ctx.currentDevice. I know the context variable is updating properly in the dashboard because I’m using it for other widgets that are updating properly, and it shows up in the URL as a query parameter. I changed the default device ID just to make sure I hadn’t accidentally hard-coded it somewhere, and I got the same behaviour (the button sent the default ID specified for the context variable).

You’re absolutely right. We just pushed a hot fix and confirmed the issue is resolved. Please let us know if you’re still seeing the problem on your end.

Thanks for reporting!

Thanks for the fast response! It’s working as expected now.