Run executable on edge

I’m trying out the “run executable” node on an edge device.
It works fine using commands such as “pwd” and “ls”, but I’m having trouble launching a script with a .sh extension.
It’s made executable and works on the host, but since it’s a telnet session I must be missing something.
Shouldn’t I be able to have a script launch a telnet session and capture the output?

Hey @Lars_Andersson,

Just so I’m on the same page, you are able to manually run the script on the machine and get a successful output to stdout?


Well, I just realized the problem, I think.
I was able to run the script being logged in to the host of the docker container, which I assume is not the same as being to run it within the container.
is “telnet” even part of the default docker image for the agent?
If that’s not the case do I either extend the image or use python ?