Resolution and aggregation support in payloadCount APIs


We are evaluating the development of interfaces that facilitate the verification of anomalies in applications, and for that we verified that the payload consumption history is a metric that we were able to evaluate, to identify possible anomalies in an application (Ex.: Number of experience calls APIs increased a lot, due to an implementation failure).

We note that in the Payload Counts APIs [Application, Org] is It is possible to search the payloads in a time interval, and an object is returned, which has the sum of payloads in that search interval. Thus, if a query is made from the period 01/01 to 01/31, it will return the sum of payloads of all days, but to analyze the data, with a daily granularity, it would be necessary to make a call per day from 01/01 to 02 /01, 02/01 to 03/01, … Therefore, it would be interesting, if it were possible to pass the resolution that the data is aggregated, to perform the search with a single call, since it is possible to obtain them separately with several calls.


We were actually just discussing this subject - exposing more granular resource usage data at more levels in our API (organization vs. application vs. individual resource). It’s good to know that you have a use case that would benefit from this.

I don’t have a timeline yet but I’m optimistic we can provide some new endpoints in the near future that expose this kind of data at the level you are looking for it. Thanks for the feedback.

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