Reset Latch after defined time

I am using a Workflow Latch to send a text on a device error. After some defined time such as 1hr I would like to reset the Latch so it will send another text if the situation persists. Can this be done?

Check out this workflow, which I think accomplishes what you’re looking to do …

  • You’ll need to swap out the conditions for setting and resetting the latch where I currently have virtual buttons
  • You will also need to set the phone number for where the SMS should be sent as well as a key for the latch time (I just used ‘latchTime’)
  • The timer trigger checks every five minutes to see if it has been more than an hour since the last message was sent, so the second message could arrive anywhere between 60 and 65 minutes after the first one goes out.

Here’s more info on how to import a workflow. The file is included below.

latch–notif-every-hour-develop.flow (5.6 KB)

Hi Dylan
Many thanks, I’ll set it up! Best David