Operating with two data tables


I’m unsuccesfully trying to make a simple operation using, simultaneously, two data tables. Here is the deal:

A specific item from the first row of table A should have its value multiplied by a specific item from the first row of table B. The results are stored in a third table. Basically,

  1. Check row 1 from table A;
  2. Check row 1 from table B;
  3. Multiply value from A and value from B;
  4. Store the value on a third table;
  5. Check row 2 from table A …
  • Using two subsequent loop nodes is not a good idea, because they don’t recognize the table B while iterating the rows of table A;
  • A loop node inside a loop node appears to have the same problem as above.

I have no issue creating a third table through workflows, so no worries about that.

Any ideas on how to make the sequence work? I understand that a function node would do the trick, but it is very important to avoid if possible.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Cesar_Guedes !

You’ll want to utilize the {{lookup}} helper in your loop. Here’s a forum post with an example for a similar scenario.

I’ve attached a .flow file that will hopefully help get you on the right track. Note that you’ll need to populate the data table names and column names throughout to match what you have in your application. And of course, check to make sure the logic is appropriate for your use-case.

Good luck with your project and keep us posted! Let us know if you have any other questions.

table-test-develop.flow (5.3 KB)

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Excellent tool. It’s working perfectly.