On Change node not updating in storage

I’m using the on change node and getting some unexpected behavior.

The node is being triggered multiple times without any changes, but each time it is taking the change path. I checked the workflow storage and i can see that the value for the key “onchange/9NZ_fxe_S9/5bec79db30246b000817331e” has not updated since yesterday, even though I have been testing it today.

I think it might have something to do with Workflow versioning as my testing i’m using v 0.2 as my default and doing my development on the develop version.

I’d like to narrow down this problem as its causing my workflow to trigger many user notification using the email node every time an unchanged sample is received.


I checked out your account and found the workflow you were referring to; I was not able to observe the issue you were describing as you had state messages coming in through the workflow.

Since I can’t actually edit your workflow, I also created this attached workflow, which recreates in a simplified fashion the part of the workflow where you described the problem, and couldn’t recreate the problem there, either.

Are you still seeing the issue you describe? And if so, is there a key difference I’m missing here when it comes to recreating the problem you’re seeing?

Finally, I see as you described that you have multiple versions of your workflow, but it appears the ‘develop’ version is currently the default. Workflow storage being shared across versions could be the cause of what you’re seeing, but do you actually have any payloads running through your 0.2 version?

vb-test-develop.flow (2.7 KB)

Hi Dylan

I did a little dismantling of the develop workflow since posting the message. The version I observed the issue was on 0.2 and it was the default when the problem was observed. I wasn’t able to recreate manually and the problem was occurring with real messages arriving from love equipment so I don’t have total control of recreating the real conditions.

I did notice that the workflow storage was a bit cluttered with onchange storage so I emptied the storage to start fresh. I kept a copy of the storage snapshot if you want to see it.

Is there any easy way to identify the id number of the node in the workflow storage? The only way I found was to export the workflow and figure out the id from there. It would be nice to be able to see that from the properties of the placed node.



You’re right, Paul; there’s no easy way to get the ID of a workflow node right now. Considering how important that ID is when debugging storage / on change / latch issues, I’m going to make a ticket to add that ID somewhere in the node editor.

What I do when developing - again, not easy, and maybe exporting the workflow will be easier for you - is the following:

  1. Open the Network request inspector in Chrome. (Here’s hoping you use Chrome!)
  2. You may need to reload the page to see all the requests.
  3. Find the request for your workflow. It should be identifiable in the list as it matches the ID of your workflow.
  4. Click the “Preview” tab to view the JSON object response that makes up your workflow.
  5. Expand the nodes object and find the one matching the configuration of your node. There you will find its ID.

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That’s a great idea. Thanks

And adding the ID to the node editor will definitely enhance troubleshooting.

Thanks again


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