NPM dependencies

Hi guys,
How can I install npm dependencies to use, for example, in node function in workflows?


Custom dependencies cannot be added for Application and Experience Workflows (i.e. workflows that run in Losant’s cloud infrastructure). This is due to the security implications of running arbitrary code within our private network. Custom dependencies can be added to Edge Workflows, since those run on your own hardware.

Here’s a quote from a previous topic about this:

For Application and Experience Workflows, the challenge with require is that those Function Nodes run within our cloud infrastructure. Running arbitrary code is difficult from a security perspective, which is why the Function Node is so restricted for those workflow types. For Edge Workflows, the function is running on your hardware, so the restrictions have been removed.

To use npm dependencies in Edge Workflows, you’ll have to extend the Gateway Edge Agent’s Docker image to install the dependencies you require. Here’s a blog post with a section on installing npm dependencies:

If you do require a more powerful function node, Losant has built-in connectors to multiple serverless options:

  1. AWS Lambda
  2. Azure Function
  3. GCP Function