Notebook output to data table

When sending a Notebooks output file to a data table, is there a way to format numbers?
It looks like any table I create this way gets set up a string fields.

If the column already exists in the table, it will attempt to cast the input data to the column data type. So to get the data cast to numbers, you need to make sure the specific column is already present in the data table with a data type of number. Any new columns that are created automatically are assumed to be string columns (since CSV data doesn’t have a type associated with it).

Aah, ok, I’ll try that. There is no way to change that for an existing table, right?
I would have to delete a field and readd it, correct?

But then again if I wanted to show 1.2 as 1.200 using 3 decimals for every number, I’m probably better off formatting that in the notebook and saving it as a string, unless you have another suggestion.

Yup, you would need to delete the column - Losant doesn’t support changing column types at the moment.

As far as formatting, it all depends on where/when you plan on displaying the data. If you can, I’d format only on display and save it as an actual number in the data table, but that may or may not be possible depending on where you are displaying the data.

the end result is in a csv file that gets emailed.

Yeah, then I would probably just format it the way you want in the notebook python output, it is probably easier that way.