Not showing context devices not passing context validation


Today I realized that my list of context devices isn’t filtered based on the validation you set on the dashboard settings on the tab Dashboard Context Validation session. I added a screenshot to clarify my suggestion/bug.

I created a dashboard that is only applicable on certain devices holding a specific tag. The validation works as you see in the screenshot below, but it would be nice to not see the devices not passing the validation not as an option in the context device selector.

In the screenshot above I see all my devices as an option, where I know I can only choose 3 that pass the context validation.

Hope my suggestion makes sense, if not please let me know! ( I could not find a similar feature/bug report, sorry if there is any!)

I see the issue you’re referring to. It looks like when we swapped that device selector out for a new version, we only accounted for validation by specific device IDs, and not by device tags.

Thanks for the bug report. I’m sending this over to the platform engineering team and we will get a fix out in our next release.

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