Modbus Read node - Special function Read Device Identification


I need to use a special function from Modbus Protocol called “Read Device Identification” (0x2B)
which you can find in Modbus standard section “6.21 43 / 14 (0x2B / 0x0E) Read Device Identification” at Modbus Application Protocol V1.1b

This is important in our application in order to automatically create devices on the platform based in such information like VendorName, ProductCode, ProductName, etc. that can be read using this function.

My question is: It is possible to do it using Modbus Read Node? I’ve read the docs but haven’t found anything about it, or how to create a custom message request.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Kelvin_Andrade1,

Unfortunately, this functionality is not currently possible with the Modbus Node. I have created a Feature Request for this and will update you when this functionality is available.

Thanks so much!

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Great! I will be waiting to test this functionality!

Thank you for your attention!