MFA token by email


Would it be possible to have the MFA option to send the code by email, using the account email?
Or, this could be a new option when MFA is required for all users. For example: Require MFA and send token by email as default.


Hey @Bruno_Matheus_Warmli,

Can you please clarify which of the following you’re referring to?

  1. When MFA is enabled, send the MFA setup key to users by email. This is the same key users get when they enable MFA in the platform portal.

  2. Introduce a new form of MFA where a token is sent the user’s email as part of the authentication process.


Hey @Brandon_Cannaday,

It’s option #2.
Furthermore, in the organization configuration, we have 3 options: do not require MFA, require it for the administrator and require it for all members. The latter removes members who have not enabled MFA. I’m suggesting a fourth option, where we could require all members and email the code to those who haven’t enabled MFA yet.