Meraki BLE Scanning


Has anyone used a Cisco Meraki and their BLE Scanning API to integrate with Losant? It looks like they require some level of validation on the first connection so I’m curious if anyone has successfully connected a Meraki & Losant?



Could you provide a link to some documentation? Maybe I can offer some suggestions.

I’m poking around this document now:!introduction/scanning-api

Hi Fox

Yeah that’s what I was looking at too and in particular this:!enable-scanning-api/enable-location-api

and the comment:

Upon the first connection, the Meraki cloud will perform a single HTTP GET; the server must return the organization-specific validator string as a response, which will verify the organization’s identity as the Cisco Meraki customer. The Meraki cloud will then begin performing JSON posts.

Ah, yes. This should be doable using two Experience Workflows.

You can create two Experience Endpoints powered by two Experience Workflows. One endpoint is the GET and the other is the POST.

They can be at the same path too, and be handled separately.

GET /meraki
POST /meraki

Now, the only thing that could be a “gotcha” is the organization-specific validator string. How is that generated? If it’s just a string or token to pass back, in your Experience Workflow, you can insert this string into the Endpoint Reply Node.

Great, Thanks. I believe the org validator is just a string from the Meraki Dashboard.