Max30100 Conflict


I need help!

I have successfully connected my Esp32 to losant using the unsecured connection method as secured protocol is taking forever to connect.

I can easily send data from my Esp32 to losant. But then I can’t send max30100 sensor data.

The sensor uses i2c communication protocol.

Having spent a huge time tracing where the error is coming from, I realised its coming from the device.connect(wifiClient, LOSANT_ACCESS_KEY, LOSANT_ACCESS_SECRET) method.

Once I comment out this line, the sensor function as expected, but once I add it, it stops working.

Could some one help me fix this issue.


Hi @Sunday_Ajiroghene,

I replied here: Max30100 sensor not reporting to losant - #2 by Heath

Let’s continue this discussion in that thread.