Machine usage reporting

I have a scenario that I would like your advice on how to best analyze some data.
A machine has 2 pumps and depending on what type of work done, these pumps get utilized different.

For example if a pump is used in shorter intermittent cycles like 1-2 minutes at the time, it means one type of usage, and if each cycle is maybe 7-8 minutes long, it most likely means another type of behavior.
My goal is to create a histogram over which type of usage is most common.
I’m only sensing the on/off state, so I’m thinking I need to record each time for when it goes from low to high as a start time and each time it goes from high to low as the stop time , then calculate the diff as cycle time.
Any recommendation on which nodes/method would accomplish this easiest?

Hi @Lars_Andersson,

I think I may need some more information.

First, you mention that I’m only sensing the on/off state then you mention something about low/high. Would you be able to tell me a bit more about how the data is coming in and how you are currently reading it?

If it is a pump, I am assuming that you are measuring flowrate. Is that correct? And different cycles (i.e. 1-2 minutes) correspond to different flowrates?

Any additional information about the data you currently have would be great.

Thank you,

Sorry, I sometime refer to to signals being high(on) or low(off).
We do not need to measure flowrates at this time.
Mainly concerned about run accumulated run times and what types of cycles are most common. (short/long)