Losant Python MQTT Client & >= TLS1.2

How to force Losant Python MQTT Client (V1.2 latest) to use TLS1.2 instead TLS 1.0/1.1 ?


The Losant Python MQTT Client uses the library paho-mqtt to actually manage the MQTT connection. Before version 1.6.0 of that library, for certain Python versions it would default to using TLSv1, but in 1.6.0 the defaulting was switched to TLSv1.2. It is likely you have an older version of paho-mqtt installed and if you upgrade that to version 1.6.1, the connection will start using TLSv1.2. Hope that helps!

Ok. I will try it. How to check witch TLS version is actually used for a device connectet to Losant? In devicelog only “Secure: True” is displayed.

We can check on our end and let you know - just let us know when you are ready for us to check.

Today i have changed form TLS1.0 to TLS1.2. I’am using Paho MQTT-client directly so i can switch the used TLS. Please can you confirm the TLS 1.2 connection?

Can you confirm the device ID is 5e35b5eda6fe3a00063f4c83?

If so, we are still seeing the device connecting over TLSv1.0. It has never connected over TLSv1.2. On March 16th it briefly connected over TLSv1.3.

The device Id is now 65c6816dc1e56165d20f7997

Thanks. That device ID (65c6816dc1e56165d20f7997) is connecting over TLSv1.2. Assuming it stays that way, you are all set for the TLS deprecation.