Losant Experience Auth/Login using OAuth and Firebase Authorisations

While the existing Experience login method has a SAML Login and Verify node to work with, SAML is an older SSO protocol, and is difficult to set up and diagnose when things go awry. It also requires synchronising the Experience Domain slug used with the SAML XML metadata and certificates. It would be much better for Losant to create newer OAuth and Firebase Experience authentication methods, as these are well supported by most mainstream SaaS (cloud based) applications today, and they also have good diagnostic and trace tools within these systems. We would like the Losant team to add this as a new feature to the Experience apps.

Hi @Andrew_Leckie1,

I’ve created a feature request for the Firebase integration within Losant Experiences. We will follow up directly if and when this feature is released!

Thanks for your input,

thanks for that. What might allow you to cover many Auth types would be an Experience workflow node that integrated with the Auth0 guys SaaS IDM products. Then we could use almost any authentication technology they supported.



Thanks for the additional suggestion Andrew!

I’ll update our feature request with this info and I will be sure to reach back out with any updates as I get them.