Importing libraries not in conda from notebook implementation

Hi there,
I am trying to do some analysis that will eventually be deployed on our dashboard. The analysis requires python libraries that are not on condo but can be git cloned. I know can do this via Notebook command, but not sure if it makes sense that this will need to happen every time I run the notebook workflow(probably after each device reporting).
Could you advice the best course for this?

The notebook environment does not have the ability to pull in packages that are not included in the base image you select for security reasons, whether thye’re from Conda, Pip, or Git repos.

That said, we are actually publishing a new base image in our next release, and if you have particular packages in mind, please let us know what they are and we may be able to include them in the image. We typically only consider packages that are published on Pip and that are widely used, maintained, and come from trusted sources.

Thanks for the reply,
The package I want is pretty niche, but it is from NIST
If there is any work around to this let me know.

Thanks @Andreia_Smith-Moritz . I’ll send this request over to the engineering team and let you know if they can include it in our next notebook image. If so, it will be in our next platform release, which will be a few weeks from now (but should be by year’s end).

Thanks Dylan! Losant has been a huge for us prototyping and piloting our technology.