Images for dashboard

I’m having trouble with using some images in dashboards sometime.
Many times when I try adding a files, it says “image not available”.
The only way I can fix that seems to be by restarting the browser.

Another problem I have is that a dashboard is not able to show certain images.
The only relation I see with the images that do not work, is that those images show a “Dimension” when viewing files within the “Experience/Files” viewing tool.image

compared to the ones that do work, show no Dimensions:

Hi @Lars_Andersson

Are you seeing “image not available” on the dashboards that display the images, or within the image file preview after uploading? Or is it occurring in both places?

Could you also include some screenshots of your dashboard block configuration?

Thanks so much!

on the dashboard itself

Never mind. The path to the image had the wrong application id in it.