Function Block - How to see all the console.log responses?

We are trying to put code which previously was in a Custom HTML block into a FUNCTION node in a workflow. However, there’s lots of math and whatnot, to view and debug the livestream data. So, there’s lots of console.log messages reporting all this useful debugging info. It comes out quick, so I see it triggering the “Maximum per-second limit reached.”

How can we see the output of all the console.log reports? Can I put them to a local file? Or a file which you email to me later (not ideal but better). I want to see all my console log output, ideally in the console.



Unfortunately, this isn’t possible. The current solution would be to lower the rate of your messages.

Another solution would be to test and build your script using Node.js, and then transfer to the Function Node.

Thanks. I ended up throwing all the debug into the payload.