Filtering multiple time series attributes

Is a Notebook my only option if I want to do something as described below?

Multiple attributes are being posted as device state with the same timestamp.(From an edge agent device)
Some attributes are measurements from sensors, but some attributes are a product ID originating from a local HMI.
The incoming stream of data can come from 1 or several devices.

In my reporting I want to see these measurements grouped by the “productID” they relate to.

When reporting on time series data, I don’t see a way of only looking at one attribute, based on what value a different attribute has (with the same timestamp)

Any suggestions ?

I hope you understand what I mean because I have no screenshots.

Hey @Lars_Andersson,

I want to make sure I understand what you’re asking. You’re looking to view (in a report) the value of Attribute A when the value of Attribute B was equal to some value (productID, in your case), correct?

Thank you,

yes or in a dashboard


What you mentioned, Notebooks, are going to be the best option for you currently.

I will, though, make a feature request for this and keep you updated with what I learn.

Thank you,