Fetching JSON data from Losant to populate VR

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It’s been like decades since I did some questions and answers session. However, things have been great, been busy trying to get the decision makers buy into my solutions. I finally got an audience with a greater task not anticipated.

I want to overlay sensor data on VR, basically for a more user experience. Ordinarily, I could use the usual HTTP web server, but for data security we all know its not safe. Since there is some sort of security associated with this platform. I am excited to know how.

To expatiate my point, imagine the scenario where I have successfully built my IoT devices and integrated them on the Losant dashboard and found to be communicating correctly with the platform; is there a way I could fetch these same raw JSON datas (through an exposed method) already on display to populate my VR display? Is there an API I could use for this backend data fetch such that only user with the authentication key and secret key can have access to these datas, which is myself ?

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Hi @Sunday_Ajiroghene,

I just want to clear this question up so that I understand the question :smile: Are you hoping to retrieve JSON data from Losant and send it to another platform/application? And are you looking for the most secure way to do so?


@JuliaKempf, no, not to send to another platform, but to populate a 3D model I created using Unity Software. A virtual reality graphics which represents a real life scanario. Meaning, yes I want to retrieve JSON data from the platform.

I want a situation where, if I press a button from the VR simulated environment, it should activate real life switch. I have figured out how to do this in real time without using losant but data security can’t be guaranteed. Since, losant solves security issue, I want to register every activities in the losant platform for real time monitoring, while I make my control from the game like model. Of course when for instance, I turn on a light :bulb:, bulb in the VR would be seen ON.

I sure would pay for every data passing through the losant platform once deployed.

Do you get my point?

Meanwhile, do you think of a better way out?



@JuliaKempf @anaptfox,

Hello ~

Hi @Sunday_Ajiroghene!

Yes, everything your talking about above is exactly what Losant Experiences allow you to do. With it, you can expose a custom API into your IoT data. Here are some things you should check out:

@anaptfox, fantastic, fantastic. I will follow through this tutorial.

Many thanks

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