Events Get - experienceUserId: Cannot resolve to more than 1000 devices


We are developing a multi tenant application, and this error - experienceUserId: Cannot resolve to more than 1000 devices - is occurring for users who have access to many devices, when I use the filter by experienceUserId on GET APPLICATION_ID /events.

Do you have any tips on how we could resolve this issue? As our application is multi tenant, we need to use a filter based on groups or users.



Hey @Vander_Maziero,

The limit that you are hitting is a limit that is currently in place for the Losant platform as a whole. This is not a limit that can be easily worked around but is certainly something that can be changed if you were to move to a private installation.

Currently, we do have this on our product roadmap to work on, so I will be sure to follow up with you as I learn more about its development. I would love to know how many devices you are currently associating with a user, and how many you anticipate in the future. This will help us develop the right feature.

Thank you,