"Event: Create" node always uses current time

I have an Event: Create node configured to use the payload time:

However, the event that gets created appears to use the current time. I’ve been re-running the following data for a device and have a Workflow that creates an event when the movement attribute is true:

    "data": {
      "movement": true
    "time": "2019-08-26T16:46:16Z"

My understanding is that this should create an event at 2019-08-26T16:46:16Z every time the data is sent, but every new event has the current time instead.

Hi @Brian_Ritter,

Thanks so much for this report! I am going to test this out and see if I can replicate the bug. I will respond shortly with more information (or possibly questions :smile:).


Hi @Brian_Ritter,

I was able to reproduce this and can confirm that it is a bug. I have submitted this to our engineering team and it is being hotfixed. I will update you when it is released. :bug:

Thanks so much!

Hi @Brian_Ritter,

The fix for this bug has gone out. Thank you again for your patience!

Have a great day,

Thanks for the update and quick fix! I can confirm that the correct timestamp is being set now for our events.