ESP8266 library 3.1.1 causes disconnects with LOSANT

I found out that the Arduino generic ESP8266 library update to 3.1.1 causes immediate disconnect after connecting to LOSANT. I use the well known ESP8266 with DHT22 tutorial code, with some modifications.
Compiling with board library 3.1.1 caused the immediate disconnect, compiling with library 3.1.0 solves that. I am not sure it is a LOSANT issue or a library issue. I am not knowledgeable enough to debug further. Hopefully this helps people with similar issues…

Hi @Joost_Carpay and welcome to the Losant forums!
Thanks for the report. We’ll test this on our side and update our blog post accordingly.

Perfect. Let me know if I should further test anything on my side. In the meantime I found out that 3.0.2 also didn’t work…

3.1.2 also does not work. Going back to 3.1.0 solves the issue

Thanks for that. We still haven’t tested this internally but I did add a generic note to the blog post about having to use legacy versions of the ESP8266 library.