Display a device count on dashboard



I wanted to display the number of devices I have in my application.

I tried to search on the forums and documentation but I had no luck finding a solution. Is there maybe a way of doing it that I missed or could this be a new feature?

Thank you very much.



I would recommend using an Application List block to list the number of devices in your application. They can list the number of devices in your applications and can also be filtered to show only one application, or applications of similar characters. Here are some examples:



Actually, I’m looking for something more elegant like a gauge where the main focus is the device count.



The way to accomplish this is to report device count as state, as to show a value on a dashboard, it has to be a state from a device.

To start, create a new device, and give it an attribute for the device count.

Next, grab the Losant API node and set the Resource and Action to Devices: Get, and a payload will output with a device count.

Add a Device State node and use the payload path for the device count to update the “count” attribute in your new device.

You will then be able to use this device and it’s count attribute to show the number of devices in your application!



That works. Thank you very much. :slight_smile: