Device Get using "Match All of the following"

Im trying to use the “Device Get” node to look up a peripheral device that is tied to a particular gateway using the “Report From A Specific Gateway” feature. The peripheral’s identifier is a decimal number but other peripherals have the same identifier but are tied to other gateways.
My “Match All of the following” query uses the “gatewayId”===“the Gateways deviceID” & tags===the dec identifier tag ===the numer reported by the gateway.
It doesnt seem to work despite numerous attempts, any thoughts ?

It’s a bit difficult to know where the problem lies without more information. Can you provide a screenshot of the Device: Get Node’s configuration - specifically the portion where you are building your query - as well as a payload object against which you are running that node (being sure to scrub any sensitive info)? My guess at this point is an incorrect template path or something along those lines but cannot confirm without those pieces.