Dashboard titles don't seem to honour context variables


I am trying to set the Title of a Dashboard using a context variable, but the context variable definition is being rendered rather than the context variable value.

ie.g Dashboard Name field is set to Port Waratah Device Dashboard {{ctx.deviceName}}

The deviceName context variable is being set, but the literal “Port Waratah Device Dashboard {{ctx.deviceName}}” is being rendered.

Tim, you’re right, we don’t render context variables in dashboard titles right now, but we could potentially add that functionality in. But, we do support context rendering in dashboard descriptions already.

There are of course a number of places a dashboard is displayed besides on the dashboard itself, in places where “context” isn’t really a thing, so consider the following:

Given an unrendered dashboard title of “Dashboard for Device {{ctx.deviceId}}”, on a list of your dashboards, would you expect that title to display as “Dashboard for Device {{ctx.deviceId}}” or as “Dashboard for Device abcd1234ef56abcd1234ef56”, where that ID is the default value for the “deviceId” variable? (Keep search / filtering functionality in mind here, too.)

On the dashboard itself I would expect that the title would always render out with the currently set context or the default value is none is present.

Hi Dylan.,

The title makes the most sense. The device id is a bit irrelevant for the audience, but a device name is.
I have a summary dashboard, which allows clicking on a device (name) and going to specific device dashboard (same for each).

The title is obvious place to have the name of the device displayed, rather than in individual widgets.

I am using a seperator at the top of the Dashboad for the title.