Dashboard dark theme does not shown

Hi. I am using the Losant embed code to view my dashboard. The problem is that from a few weeks ago even if in the embed code the “dark” theme is choosed, the dasboard appears with “light” theme. Before it was ok. It may have something with “widget.js”? And the problem appears only with embed code. Thanx for any help. Regards, Laszlo K.

Hi @Laszlo_Kajcsa,

A few requests:

  • Would you be able to share the URL where the dashboard is embedded?
  • A screenshot of the embedded dashboard
  • Your embed code block that you are using.

We can take a look on our end to identify the issue and resolution.


I am using the code provided by losant (dashboard settings, embed - code). The dark theme does not appear even if i am saving that embed code to a html file and opening it from browser (it appeared before). The dashboard it does appear in light theme and it works fine, it’s not about that. Something happend recently, i supouse on losant’s side, and the “data-theme” value is not taken to acount. I have deleted the dashboard ID (just here, of course).

View my Losant-powered dashboard “IoT”

K. Laszlo


Thanks very much for the additional details. I was able to recreate your issue locally regarding the dark theme not rendering on embedded dashboards. I have alerted our engineering team on the bug, and will provide an update when the fix is in place in our next release.


Solved. Thank you! .

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