Can I test a TCP connection to an edge device?

Hi there,
I’m trying to flag potential disconnections between a PLC and an edge device, is it possible?
I’m using the ALLEN-BRADLEY: READ node and get a workflow error in case of disconnection:

But my problem is that I can’t trigger anything from this.

If the workflow is halting execution and throwing an error, you actually can trigger off of that, using the Workflow Error Trigger.

Using this trigger will fire a workflow whenever any uncaught exception occurs. So I would put this trigger in the same workflow that is doing your read of the Allen-Bradley device and, based on the unique information thrown when the timeout occurs, take some sort of action in that separate workflow run. For example, you may want to publish a message on a custom MQTT topic that you’re listening to in an application workflow, and on receipt of a message, you can log an event or alert yourself some other way.

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Thanks @Dylan_Schuster, it’s exactly what I’m looking for. Implemented now.