Basic Auth from Postman

Should the Authorization method “Basic Auth” work from postman with a experience user and password?
Or should I use certain header key/value?
I can get it to work using the body, but understand it’s better passing it in the header.

Hi Lars,

I just want to take a quick step back to look at this problem as a whole.

It sounds like you were able to pass the value from Postman using the Authorization header, but were not able to successfully use the Authenticate Node to validate the user. Is this correct?

The redacted value you see on the payload is exclusively hidden from user view in the UI within the Debug Log. This is because the key is authorization, which denotes a sensitive value. The value itself is still a literal string, you will just see a redacted string. Thus, when you try to validate with the Authenticate Node, your token is prepended with the literal string of "Bearer ", and the query does not return an active token matching the string “Bearer [TOKEN-STRING]”.

Please let me know if I can answer any additional questions!