Users and devices


In my use case there will be a rough mapping of 1 user to 1 device, there will be circumstances where a user may have more than one device.

Is the best way to manage this still with user groups & the devices connected to group, even if there is a 1-2-1 mapping? It seems like the inbuilt context and dashboards rely on this set up.


This is a great question. Experience Groups enable many to many mapping between Experience Users and Devices.

However, you can use Device Tags for situations like yours.

Then, on your dashboard, you can query the one ( or many ) devices that belong to a specific user by ID instead of group.


Thanks for that. I started with the device tags but got stuck.

Follow up question. I plan to have users self register their devices using a serial number. Does the choose of using groups or device tags have any impact on this?


Sorry for the late reply! However, using Device Tags will allow you to query devices by their serial number and do exactly what you need.

Just to provide some further help, we have a how-to guide that covers a very similar use case:

Happy to answer more questions :slight_smile: