Getting Graph to Reset Every Month

I have some of the data that I collect, such as total cycles, reset every month. I want a good way to visualize that graphically and currently I am using the line graph option with the last 30 days view. It would be nice and look less messy however if the line would start at the beginning of the graph every month from the origin when it gets reset. So having some kind of month to month view that starts from zero at the beginning of the month.

This is showing roughly one months worth of data taken in the middle of the month. As you can see it does not look pleasant because the reset is not at the beginning of the graph.

The only way I can think of to do that currently would be to delete all the data every month but I need to keep it for analysis.

Any thoughts/advice on how I can have the reset point start at the beginning of the graph? It would look more like this every month then:


Currently, there is not a way for you to do accomplish this with the Time Series Chart as the data that will be shown will always be the data for the duration you’ve chosen.

Now, there may be some other ways that you can do this with the Custom Chart Block, but I have not done something like this before.

Thank you,