Different level inside the dashboard


Hi all,
I have two questions:

1. Question:
Is it possible to have different levels inside a dashboard?

For example:

> First Level: All devices, a map with all devices.
>> Second Level: (if you click on one device) new dashboard to show the attributes of this device.
>>> Third Level: Maybe something like a setting page to change stuff on the device...

2. Question:
Is it also possible to give certain user groups only access to certain devices? Best solution would be if it is the same dashboard for all users, you simply see only your devices?

Thanks for the help.



Hi @Tim_Sahr,

Welcome to the Forums! It is possible to have your dashboards set up with those levels. The first dashboard would be a map with links for each device to a device page dashboard. Then you could have another dashboard with an Input Controls Block to trigger workflows that change things on the device.

We also have an example of a Multi-Tenant Experience that I will invite you to. In this application, users sign in and only see the devices they own, and can click on the name of the device to see specifics about each device. This is based on user groups, and filters what each user sees on the same dashboard, which sounds like what you are hoping to accomplish!


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