Auto-complete key names from existing attributes and tags

It would be nice if when adding tags or attributes to a new device there was some sort of auto-completion or dropdown or something that comes up when typing key names, populated with a list of keynames that have been used previously in an application.

It can be difficult to remember exactly the syntax that I’ve used previously for other tags, especially when it’s been awhile since I’ve touched an application. Right now I’d have to open a new window, open another device, and reference it while creating a new device.

Seems like a little thing, but it would be a timesaver!

Thanks everyone, the new Systems feature is awesome by the way. :smiley: :beers:

Hi @Nate_Usher,

So, in most places, it should autocomplete. However, because I think you’re inferring to creating a System, those don’t seem to be autocompleting. Let me check with the Engineering Team on why that may be the case. I’ll follow up once I know more information.

Thanks for the positivity on Systems, we are glad you like it :slight_smile:


Just created a feature ticket for this. I’ll let you know when it’s released :slight_smile:


Maybe it’s just my browser (Firefox), but I don’t, and never have gotten autocompletion when filling out names for tags or attributes for any type of device.

Tried in chrome just now also and I don’t get auto-completion there either.

Hi @Nate_Usher,

When you say “filling out names and tags or attributes,” are you referring to attributes and tags when configuring a device?


Correct. That should have read “key-names of tags OR attributes.” it would nice to have autocompletion hints filling this out, populated from keynames of tags or attributes belonging to existing devices within the same application.

Coming back to a project after not looking at it for a while, I usually think to myself “did I call it airTemperature… roomTemperature… roomTemp?” and then have to go in to other devices to double check.

I think this is especially important to have these names standardized to work well with the Systems feature.

Hi @Nate_Usher,

Great! Thanks so much for the clarification. I will put in a Feature Request for this with our engineering team, and update you in the future should it become available. :smile:

In the meantime, the closest functionality to autocompleting attributes would be a Device Recipe. Device Recipes are helpful when creating new devices, but not so much when changing old ones; hopefully they can assist in your use case.