Assistance with SSL failure


I’m suddenly having trouble authenticating with Losant on a few of our devices. Our modem is indicating an SSL error in response to the authentication POST, which was previously working just fine.

Our SSL cert turns out to be very expired (July 2017!) so I will fix that up, but I think the issue might lie elsewhere because some of our devices with the expired cert are authenticating successfully.

Is there anyone on your end who could provide some detail on the SSL failures I’m seeing at my end? I’m wondering if it’s related to the date of our certificate or something else.

Hi @Alexander_Farley,

Sorry this is being troublesome and quite strange some are and some aren’t able to connect! If you could detail the SSL error you are seeing in response to the authentication POST (and any other details that may be pertinent), I believe one of our engineers or myself may be able to diagnose the problem. :smile:

Thanks so much,

Thank you for the quick follow-up.

I’m attempting to connect via a U-Blox modem. The response to the authentication POST is empty, and when I query our modem for HTTP error codes, I get the following:

+UHTTPER: 0,3,73

From the U-blox manual, this response indicates an HTTP error, SSL rejection.

I know this isn’t much to diagnose from, so I will continue investigating this on my end.

DNS resolution is successful at this point, so I don’t think I’m hitting some kind of generalized network failure; I believe this is a legitimate SSL rejection of some type.

The root-cause turned out to be that we had used up all our data on our SIM cards, and our modem indicates out-of-data as an SSL failure under some circumstances.

Sorry for the false alarm!

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